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We are happy to announce the arrival of Sayadawgyi to Green Valley, Sebastopol, California; to spend Vassa here in year 2013.

You are welcome to come to GV to pay respects to Venerable Pa-Auk Sayadaw & offer meal dana (breakfast &/or lunch) to Sayadawgyi & the Sangha.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to accrue great merits! May your dana parami be your supporting kamma to attain Nibbana in the soonest possible time. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu !

What's New

6/4/2013 Sayadawgyi is here for Vassa 2013 from May 28th through mid November. Joining him will be at least 3 Bhikkhus and 6-7 Sayalays. 

Visitors are welcome to offer breakfast and/or lunch dana to Sayadawgyi and the Sangha.

Reminder: No smoking anywhere on the property, even off property where there are trees and high risk of forest fire. Thanks for your cooperation. 


We welcome and sadhu x 3 to everyone for your dana and service rendered to support Sayadawgyi's stay at Green Valley for his Vassa. We wish to keep the property neat and well maintained. Please observe the following guidelines.

First time driving here

If you've never been to GVFR and are driving there for the first time, be sure to read the driving directions. The entrance to GVFR uses a private road that is not on GPS navigation maps, and if you just punch in our GVFR address and expect your GPS navigation to get you there, you are guaranteed to be lost and unable to call for help because cel phones don't get reception there. 


Please do not park anywhere other than the visitor parking lot unless you have permission from the staff.If you are delivering dana goods, you are welcome to pull up near the dana  house (without crossing the bridge) to load and unload cargo, but please park in the main parking lot when you finish unloading.  For large groups visiting, please read detailed Parking section.

5 mph

Please observe the speed limit. The gravel roads are fragile, and driving quickly over them will create holes that pool water in the rainy season, among other problems.

No smoking

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property. We are in a extremely high fire danger area. More on fire safety guidelines

Don't drive to Sayadaw's kuti or meditation hall

Unless you have special permission from the staff.

No overnight stays at this time

We welcome day visitors to pay their respects and offer breakfast and/or lunch dana to Sayadawgyi and the Sangha, or sit in the meditation hall. However, our facilities and resources at this time can not accommodate overnight guests.

Please speak in a quiet voice at all times when on the property

Especially anywhere within hearing distance of the meditation hall and dining area during Sayadaw's meal time.

Offering Lunch or Breakfast Dana

please read guidelines for coordinating meal dana with kitchen staff. Our calendar of meal dana is updated daily

Safety Guidelines

If you plan to visit, please carefully read these  safety guidelines   (fire hazard, evacuation procedure,  poison ok, wildlife, etc): 

Thank you for your cooperation

and understanding of the guidelines and we wish you a pleasant visit.

If you're planning to visit GVFR for the first time, please take time to read the articles on this site, especially the driving directions. GPS navigation doesn't work properly, and most cel phone carriers don't have usable signal so you will be lost and unable to call for help.

To schedule a visit, please go to contact information  and check our dana wish list to see what items we need and what items we may be overstocked with. 
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